【Summary】英文摘要2014 总第05期

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China Disability Observation


Matchmaker is a very old profession with along history in China, similar to current dating service. Modern media is themedium similar to matchmaker who could connect the public and the disabledpeople. But the media do not quite know about them and usually have stereotypedimages. Therefore, in media reports, the disabled are described as vulnerablepeople who need sympathy, additional cares and incapable. Their opinions arealways not respected during interviews since the media already have set theagenda. The media deepen stereotyped images of the disabled people to thepublic. This will create barriers for them to get equal social opportunities.


FiveCognitive Theories of the Public on Disabilities

Some concern about disabilities as one ofthe prices for human being’s civilization which need compensation; some believethe increasing numbers of the disabled and their families are one crisis forthe social civilization; some think with possibilities of becoming disabled,everyone should pay more attentions to this issue; some consider thatdisabilities are retributions of wrong-doing at previous life; but some knowthat disabilities are the consequence of an impairment that may be physical,cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, developmental, or some combination ofthese. We list all these arguments and hope to provoke audience’s considerations.


DisabilitySection of Human Rights Report in North Korea

How is the life for the disabled people inNorth Korea? UN's North Korea human rights report gives us some clues. They areat unfavorable positions in North Korea, partly because the public stillbelieve “disabled people are equal to trash”. Another reason is that the centralizedgovernment sets up a system with no respects and equalities on individuals andrejects and limits individuals and venerable groups.


Wheredo the disabled people work?

How to promote the disabled people’s equaland inclusive employment is one of the major issues faced by the government. Butmany policies don’t get enough effects as previously assumed. The overallsituation of the disabled people’s employment is very complicated. Some selltheir disabled people’s card to help firms cut back or remit employmentguarantee fund for the disabled; some depend on welfare offerings from thegovernment; some don’t want to get a job because of discrimination, etc. Thevoices of the disabled people should be listened to, in terms of increasingtheir employment aspiration and abilities.

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