【Summary】英文摘要2014 总第06期

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ChinaDisability Observation

Blind road

Currently in China, most visually impaired studentsare isolated in special education system. Currentlymost of visually impaired students in China are isolated in special educationsystem. For the higher education,they can only be tested and enrolled separately into three specialundergraduate schools, to learn acupuncture and massage, musical performanceand other limited majors. For further education theycan only apply to three special undergraduate schools, where they are limitedto majors such as acupuncture, massage or musical performance. Thevisually impaired already have a designed vocational road – to be a massager. To become masseurs, is the only vocational road for thevisually impaired people.

In 2014, a visually impaired young man attends commonentrance exam in Braille for the first time in 2014. Itwas not until 2014, that a visually impaired young person was able to attendcommon entrance exam in Braille. Although he hands in an answered exampaper during the first day of examination, it is still a pilot action towardsbreakthrough in inclusive higher education for the visually impaired people. He handed in answered exam paper during the first day ofexamination. This was a milestone for the visually impaired, to the road ofhigher education.

The isolations in compulsory education make thevisually disabled, who receive education in the blind school, unable toparticipate in common university entrance exam under equal conditions.Additionally, it’s only a beginning for the common exam to offer accessibilityand reasonable accommodation to the visually impaired. More visually impairedpeople and DPO organizations should make furtherefforts to offer feasible plan based on their own demands. This willpromote the reform of educational system which will be helpful for them onsocial integration and have independent choices. Thiswill promote the reform of educational system, which will help disabled peoplein social integration and have independent choices.


Absurdlogics behind baby hatch

The Chinese government has adopted baby hatch toprotect the abandoned babies’ safety. But since the dramatic increase ofabandoned babies, the government has to stop this policy promptly. The Chinese government had adopted baby hatch system toprotect the abandoned babies’ safety. Due to this policy, the number ofabandoned babies increased, therefore the government has to stop this policypromptly. These abandoned babies are mostly with disabilities. While thepublic are discussing pre-natal and post-natal care issues and what kind ofhard life the families of these abandoned babies are bearing, they areintensifying the stereotype that disable people have no value and the wrongthought that the disabled people’s life is not worthy living. The public is discussing pre-natal and post-natal care issuesand the hard life of these abandoned babies and their family are bearing. Atthe same time, the public is also intensifying the stereotype that disabledpeople have no value and the wrong assumption that the disabled peoples’ lives arenot worth living. Though from many aspects, this cognition is wrong andout of date. As a disabled person, I must say that the disabled are offended inthis discussion and I need to speak out my opposition opinion. This approach regarding disabled people is wrong and outdated. As a disabled person, I must say that disabled people are offended bythis discussion. And I need to speak out my opposition.


Personalexperience with devotee

Devotee is an unusual sexual phenomenon. With therespect of individuals, it can be completely understood. Under the currentsituation where the disabled are commonly discriminated, it’s a pretty optionto find a devotee who is willing to live together and satisfy each other. Nowadays when the disabled people are commonlydiscriminated, it’s an easier option to find devotees who are willing to live withthem and satisfy both needs.

Because thedevotee’s own conditions and their familiarity with the disabled people are farabove the nondisabled people who are willing to live together with thedisabled.

Devotees are more familiar with the disabledpeople than the nondisabled people are, because of devotees’ own conditions(fetish?). Therefore, devotees are more willing to live with the disabledpeople.

However, due to social concept, the devotees only use the disabled people as a tool forsexual gratification; they don’t want to get married with the disabled (andeven with self-discrimination??????????). That’sthe reason why the devotee has torn the reputation to shreds.


Is it equalfor isolation?

The visually impaired in China are still under an isolated education system. Many people think it’sa kind of special care for the visually impaired and it’s the best approach for them. They believe this is an equal opportunity. In fact, according to history, the segregated education systemwas proved as unfair in the United States as early as 1960s. This harmful system full of discrimination against thesegregated people was denied and canceled by judicial precedent of grandjustice. Although the visually impaired in China are under different situationscompared to the African-American of those times,to review this historical event is inspiring for the public to introspect (question) the status quo ineducation for the visually impaired.


Return tothe rainbow nation

A low-vision personreturns to South Africa where he was raised and left for several decades. Hesees the prosperity of this emerging democracy. He also finds out this nation,with many stereotypes in the eyes of foreigners, now is developing continuouslyto respect every individual and promote inclusiveness. Of course, as anemerging democracy, South Africa is currently facing manyproblems especially in terms of disabilities. Although the visually impairedpeople have the access to universities, people’s perception still needs to beimproved and updated.

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