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Disabled doll January 3rd 2014

10 year old ABC girl, Melissa Shang, who suffers from muscular dystrophy petitioned online, hoping that the production company, American Girls, can design a new disabled doll just like her, as the company every year promotes an annual doll with a special story. She wants to let other girls know her living condition through the story of a disabled American girl. .

Fashion Show February 7th 2014

During the New York Autumn/Winter fashion week, the cutting-edge customized garment brand Carrie Hammer stole the limelight through utilizing disabled models to “walk” the runway in their wheelchairs. It tells people that anyone, including the disabled, has the right to enjoy fashion.

Wearable equipment March 6th 2014

The first smart shoes in the world came out. The shoes can connect with smart phones as a navigation system via tactile sense, cooperating with navigation software to provide navigation service for the disabled, thus they can arrive at their destination freely without worrying about the directions, only the barriers in the way.

Raise Awareness April 01st 2014

On April 1st, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon delivered a speech one day before the World Autism Awareness Day. He called for helping autistic people fit into society by improving their education conditions, creating jobs and among other measures.

Diploma May 06th 2014

Bashir, a graduate from the community college of Central New Mexico in the US, was rejected to come to the stage to get his diploma due to safety grounds. For this reason, he consulted the Academic Affairs Division and Disabled Persons Office, but he was politely refused by them. As he said, the school didn’t explicit state what safety hazards there might be.

Well-being June 19th 2014

The Cambodian Committee on Disability held a meeting on the afternoon of May 19th to discuss a draft on 2014-2018 Strategic Plans for Disability. As the Secretary of State said, the royal government attached great importance to the well-being of disabled fellows of countryman, and particularly stayed committed to bringing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in place.

Independent choice July 16th 2014

The state government of Queensland USA officially launched the enhanced rehabilitation plan for the disabled which was established in November last year. Different from other plans on rehabilitation for the disabled, this one gives complete independent choice for the disabled.

Connection August 16th 2014

The terminal building of San Francisco has been equipped with 300 bluetooth locater devices. When people with a visual impairment holding a smart phone enter the detection range, the locater device will connect the smart phone and send a message to tell the user if a swerve is needed, if there is a barrier in the way, and where is the boarding gate and service counter is, etc. The function can also provide great convenience for non-eyesight disabled people who urgently need a charging power supply.

Opportunity September 22nd 2014

A girl ,at the school for the blind located nearby Kawagoe Station in Saitama Prefecture Japan, fell down and was injured by the barriers stacked in front of the Braille indicator. With this opportunity, members of the support organization for people with visual impairments distributed leaflets to passers-by around the station of Koshigaya City in Saitama Prefecture, calling on the whole society to pay close attention to people with visual impairments.

Protest October 8th 2014

To reduce the noise in the terminal building, the Azzurri Anda international airport terminal in East Java of Indonesia changed the voice broadcast of the boarding information to text scrolling display. Once the news is announced, there were passengers with visual impairments writing to the airport management company to protest it.

Apologize to someone November 4th 2014

19 year old Megan Brennan from UK who suffers from Angelman syndrome(which results in language barrier, epilepsy, and the IQ equal to a 1 year old baby) was repelled by the restaurant manager because she continuously tried to make sounds to communicate with her family when they were dining together. The Brennan family refused to leave, and the customers showed that they were not unsatisfied with the sound. At last, the spokesman of the restaurant apologized to Megan’s mother.

Call the police December 11 th 2014

A 54 year old man called Bernd of Mulheim City NRW Germany was rejected from getting on the bus with his electrically powered wheelchair. Bernd then prevented the bus from leaving, and called the police. The police, after knowing what happened, required the driver to let Bernd get on the bus and give him relevant assistance.

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