Tibet: Beyond the Vision

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摘要:“Being blind doesn't mean we can't perceive the world, we just have a different viewpoint.” ---Visually Impaired Photographer

Photography is more than just a visual art. It's more like a tool for the photographer to express himself and observe the world, a way to have a dialogue between himself and others.

Nowadays, visually impaired people are using their cameras based on their other senses: hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting. They show us their understanding and exploration of the world by creating pictures they combine with written descriptions.

This “non-visual” photography by visually impaired people offers the public a chance to understand the senses. For these photographers, photography goes beyond technical and visual levels, becoming a way to depict their isolated feelings, and to create, express, and communicate. It is their way to be better included in society and to build a communication channel between them and sighted people.

This time, it comes to Tibet ……

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